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This project is a part of the Build For Climate fellowship by On Deck.

Build For Climate is an 8-week build sprint for sustainability enthusiasts to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the climate tech space. 



Visual Design

UX Design


Rapid prototyping


Rujuta Natu

Katy Zach

Christopher H

Tanya Meshram


1 week

Our Challenge

How might we enable small and medium industries to reduce their emissions while maintaining (or increasing) product quality?

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With climate change rapidly becoming the biggest disaster coming our way, reducing carbon emissions is not a choice anymore - it is a necessity. 

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Over 70% of industrial carbon emissions are Scope 3 - a number that can be significantly reduced by making both upstream and downstream changes.

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Ensuring that any changes incorporated maintain or enhance

the quality of the products being manufactured

Currently, companies do the following:




Buy offsets

Mantaray is a platform that combines sustainability metrics, databases and more, thereby enabling companies to track their emissions and make smart and sustainable purchasing decisions in their supply chain. 




• Analyse data

• Adapt business and supplier practices around emissions reduction

• Identifying preferred suppliers, providing reduction-friendly incentives, and tracking impact

Buy offsets only for emissions that cannot

be mitigated 

My Role

Creating Mantaray's brand identity and an MVP website landing page.


• How many SMEs are signing up via the landing page?

• Which sectors do these companies belong to?

My challenge:

• Learning daunting concepts like ESG, supply chain   processes, and creating scalable business models

  in under a week

• Since these concepts were critical to designing       the digital flow, I scheduled multiple 10-minute jam   sessions with my global teammates along with    

  doing my own research

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Fluid   |   Calm   |   Easy   |   Curious   |   Active

Final Designs

Mantaray - Stationery.jpg
Image-place-holder (1).png
Image-place-holder (1).png
Mantaray - Billboard.jpg
Mantaray - Billboard.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 7.37.57 PM.png
Screen Recording 2024-03-02 at 9.18.24 PM.gif

My Learnings

To take this project from concept to creation in 5 days with a global team involved a high degree of planning, communication, and collaboration which we thoroughly enjoyed.


We tested the idea within the cohort (with about 180 people) which proved how rapid prototyping and user testing can help validate and clearly define an idea, especially at the MVP stage.


• After overcoming my initial hesitation, I found that

  learning the basics of any new topic is not as

  daunting as it seems (all thanks to my teammates

  and YouTube)!

• From being scared  to suggesting business

  decisions and creating an MVP was an  

  empowering experience!  

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That's all!

Thank you for taking a stroll through my branding journey!

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